Aerial Effects is fully licensed and insured to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commercially in the U.K. We hold the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) ‘Permission for Aerial Work’ and all our operations are fully complaint with their standards and code of conduct. We are also insured against injury and damage with £1 million public liability.

Our rigorously trained pilots have passed CAA-approved practical and theory exams and hold Remote Pilot Qualification status for multi-rotor aircraft under 7 kg.

We conduct risk assessments for each job and write an operations plan before undertaking a flight. Our comprehensive safety procedures include a pre-flight survey, airspace classification checks to identify any flight restrictions, cordoning of landing and flight area and ground safety personnel.

Weather conditions are an important factor when planning for a flight. Our equipment can be flown in wind speeds of up to 15 mph, but there can be no rain. We will liaise with you to determine if it is feasible for a flight in the preceding few days and a final call will be made the day before. In this case we will rearrange the flight for a later date.

We are happy to discuss the flight process with you and help you understand how to safely and legally capture commercial drone footage.